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am giving this a try – had been soooo negative for sometime and it’s sucking up my energy. so amy (from the hatched egg) said try to wake up feeling excited to discover “gifts” from god. just like looking for treasure hunt so u’ll be more susceptible to not-so-obvious positive things/happenings in life.

well, woke up feeling happy to be hugged by flylady since my sink was clean, a huge change from usual. then my little one and me spent most of our morning waiting for out foreign pass, n i realized at least one of my kids still appreciate my affection sincerely, not when they want something 😉 then i received food from a friend from my home country – yeeeaaayy 😀 and i actually feel i have more energy today. wonder if it’s the positivity or the alpha lipid… dare i write about my one “down” today? well, there was an up side to it though. ok, non of my children had dinner with me!! everyone took their dinner to the living room, in front of the tv including the baby!! but my hubby actually joined me 🙂 yup. that’s a milestone….


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