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i’m good enough, i’m smart enough, and gosh darn it – people like me! 😀

I read that somewhere about talking positive to oneself. catchy and funny. me like.

today, i laughed kicking an empty chestnut shell with my son. and his laugh is sooooo heartwarming. he slept with only his two feet showing out of the duvet 🙂


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i’m baaaack

been a while but after the move, we had to wait almost a month for the internet line to be reconnected. even now, we still have no phone line. and they call this service???!!!

anywayssss…. it’s one of those day again. yeah i know it’s monday but monday blues doesn’t apply to me since i’m not working. but i had one of those dream again. i so HATE it when he came back in my dream. why oh why oh why? am trying so hard to put my past behind. and wasn’t even  thinking about him. why oh why… and it started. i came back to my son climbing on the tv stall, standing beside the flat screen. what if it had fall on top of him?  wonder what’s next..


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